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Refer a Friend

Many times when we help people save money on their insurance, names of friends or family come to mind that could also benefit from an insurance review. We would like to help you help them! There’s two simple ways you can help us accomplish this. You can put there information in the form below so we can reach out to them or you can send them this link so they can send us there information. Make sure they mention your name and we’ll send you a gift card.

OHP Refer-A-Friend Program

In order to qualify for the OHP REFER A FRIEND program, you must submit a qualified* referral. Who do you know that could benefit from our services? Receive a $10 Amazon GIFT CARD per QUALIFIED REFFERAL. Gift cards will be sent out at the end of each month.

Fill in your info as the referrer so we can send you a gift card WHEN your contact(s) submit a request to save money on their health plan.

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