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Health Insurance for Business Owners and Employees

Self-employed business owner looking for health insurance

At Optimized Health Plans, we understand that securing the right health insurance coverage for both business owners and employees is crucial for a thriving, healthy workforce. We simplify the complexity of health insurance and offer tailored solutions that provide peace of mind and financial security.

Why Choose Optimized Health Plans for Your Business?

Customized Solutions

Whether you’re a business owner just looking for coverage for yourself or interested in helping your employees as well, we’ll come to understand your unique situation and then craft a customized health insurance plan that fits you perfectly.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

There are SO many more health insurance options for business owners and employees than people realize. Companies aren’t limited to the government marketplace and traditional group plans.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our health insurance plans cover a wide range of medical services, ensuring that you and your employees have access to top-notch healthcare when needed. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, we’ve got you covered.


We know that managing healthcare costs is a top priority for businesses. Our experts will guide you through various cost-effective options, helping you balance quality coverage and budget constraints.

No Fees for Our Service

There is no cost for our expertise, guidance, and service. Insurance companies pay us to help customers navigate all the options and get them enrolled.

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Get a no-cost, no-obligation consultation

You’re an expert in your industry. We’re experts in ours. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to guide you through all of your healthcare options and factors that influence costs.