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Welcome To Optimized Health Plans

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Our goal is to save you 30-50% a month in lower insurance premiums by optimizing your current health insurance strategy!

Have you ever thoroughly looked through your current insurance plan and wondered why you’re paying so much for something you rarely, or sometimes never, use? Optimized Health Plans has been helping individuals, families, and small business owners save money by optimizing their insurance to take advantage of the Affordable Care Act. What truly sets us apart is that we understand the recent changes to healthcare and know how to get you the absolute best coverage for the lowest price in this competitive market. Let us use our knowledge so we can tailor your insurance coverage to fit your individual needs. Why try to fit coverage into a “one size fits all” plan when you can have affordable healthcare insurance that fits you perfectly?

We’ve helped thousands of families in Utah County optimize their current health plans to save them hundreds of dollars a month on their premiums and substantially reduce their deductible. You might be thinking that this is just too good to be true, but let the numbers speak for themselves- last year alone, we saved the residents in Utah 1.4 million dollars all while increasing their coverage. In many situations, we combine major medical coverage with a supplemental plan to supercharge it, and in the event of a qualifying accident, many of our clients put money in their pocket. What a novel concept! To make money from your insurance instead of paying out month after month.

Even though open enrollment is over, we can still help you. Have you had a recent change in job? Did you get married, have a baby, or is your current health insurance through your employer simply too expensive? All of those and more are reasons to call us today! What are you waiting for? There’s a lot of money to be saved and you deserve amazing coverage at 30-50% of what you’re paying now!

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