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So, How Can We Help You?

Have you heard? We want to help you!

That seems to be something you hear a lot now-a-days. Everyone wants to help you, which let’s face it, is nice. But, how do you know that you’re receiving the best help for what you need? How do you know that you’re getting good quality, the best of the best, fantastic service?

At Optimized Health Plans, being the best at serving you and helping you find the best and most affordable Health Insurance is what we strive to do. We’ve been there, being piled under high premiums and enormous medical bills for terrible health care.


We helped Angie B. save $150 a month and $7,000 on her deductible.

Lindsay P. was employed, but had no benefits and we saved her $750 a month.

We were able to let James J. keep his same insurance provider, but save $1,300 a month on his premium. 


Below is a story from a recent client-

When Zac met with my wife and me, he carefully guided us to the health plan that fit both our family and financial situation. We ended up saving about $90/month ($1,080/year) on our premiums, and with only a $1,000 deductible, including maternity services. Once we had our baby, we were going through an administrative assistant at the hospital, fully planning on paying our $1,000 deductible. However, we were shocked when she told us it would only be $500.00, but that if we paid that day, they would cut off 20%. So we ended up paying $400 to have a baby — and that is just ridiculous and completely awesome.

We are incredibly grateful to Zac for his help in finding a plan that was perfect for us. He has truly had a wonderful impact on us, and we’re now sending all our friends his way, now that they’ve heard our experience with him.

–Logan Bradford

Are you curious about how we’ve been able to save people so much money every month? Don’t delay- call us! We would love to hear from you and help you out. Affordable health care is really just a call away!

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