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Well after a long break with no posts, I wanted to keep this series going and pack a punch with this new addition to the attractive, proactive lifestyle. Going through the holidays can take us all a few steps back in our quest for healthy lives. I wanted to suggest this new addition to you attractive/proactive people to get us all back on track and start the new year right. This will be a two-part series going through a couple of the best foods all of us can add to our lives. For all of you seeking Utah health insurance, this can be one other step to keep your lives happy, healthy, safe, and of course, attractive and proactive.

They’re called superfoods. Why? The Oxford Dictionary answers with this statement that a superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.” Many of the superfoods I’m going to focus on are high in antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants are good for us, but not many of us know what in the world they DO. Here’s your science lesson of the day. All of us have an immense number of molecules in our body that undergo reactions each day that split the bonds between molecules. Sometimes when bonds split they leave an extra or uneven number of electrically charged particles due to environmental factors or increased exposure to toxins. These extra charged particles are called free radicals. Many times the body can handle the increased stress of free radicals which can cause progressing harmful reactions—especially when they react with necessary molecular components of the body like DNA. However, with age or poor environmental conditions, the body cannot handle the stress on its own and needs antioxidants to root out the free radical problem. Ok, science lesson over.

Maybe you’re not convinced yet, but trust me when I say that our bodies love antioxidants, and the love increases with age. Superfoods are also usually rich in vitamins which are necessary for our bodies to remain healthy. So I’m positive you’re going to love the second part of this series where I’ll talk about some of the superfoods that can make our lives a little bit better and a little bit more…super! Stay tuned…