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While many can be avid runners or cyclists, or swimmers in the summer, winter may shut all of us indoors under the misconceived notion that there aren’t any good ways to get outside exercise in the winter. Think again! For all of us seeking a healthy lifestyle, Utah health care, or Utah health plans, there is a better way than trying to do a few sit-ups in your living room after a week of planning on getting to the gym. No more having a self-pep talk for an hour to try and get outside for a winter run. With the activities that we’re going to talk about, you’re not going to have any time to do those lame things. These activities are going to push you and melt the calories—even in the blistering Utah cold. Huffington Post provided an amazing article, and if there aren’t enough ideas here, think about reading the whole article with all 10 recommended activities (link posted at end of article).


Activity #1 Cross-Country Skiing

This calorie shredder is known for being a workout, but it has some great perks that not many indoor or summer workouts have. Cross-country skiing is ultra low impact. For those of you that spent a few too many times cutting and pivoting and jumping in football, soccer, or basketball, your knees may not be able to take too much—running may even be a burden on them. Just like the summer low-impact sport of choice, swimming, cross-country skiing provides an intense workout with low impact to your joints. It also is one of the most beautiful ways to get a really awesome workout—while the blue and concrete sight of the pool may get boring after 2 laps.


Activity #2 Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is one of those things I never would have thought is a workout. I was blown away when I found out that despite the awesome benefits and caloric annihilation cross-country skiing provides, snowshoeing one-ups it! Cross-country skiing burns around 600 calories per hour, while snowshoeing gets up between 650-700 calories burned per hour! What a cool way to get a calorie-dominating workout!


So no excuses when it comes to getting cool workouts in over the winter. These two activities will scorch the calories while giving you fun new winter hobbies. Here’s to a healthier Utah!