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37323219 - woman breathing fresh air at sunset on the beach and raising armsAre you struggling to meet your wellness goals? It can be difficult to start new habits, let alone stick to them. But, with the right tools, you can help yourself stay accountable and reach your goals.

First you need to establish what those goals are. Don’t just rush through this, take time to write out a detailed plan. What exactly are your wellness goals? Be as specific as you can, while also making sure the goals are attainable. While you’re writing out your plan, make sure to write the exact steps you plan to take to make those goals a reality.

Once you have a clearly defined plan of action, start making yourself accountable. You can begin with a contract to yourself; your detailed plan of action can actually double as your contract. When you find yourself being less than motivated, make sure to read over the contract/plan again to help keep your eyes on the prize.

Speaking of prizes, it doesn’t hurt to build in a rewards plan. Consider small prizes you can reward yourself with for meeting your goals. You can make choose to reward yourself weekly, monthly, or when you reach certain milestones. Some suggestions might be some new workout gear, a massage, or a class you’ve been wanting to try.

In order to continue to keep yourself accountable, share your goals with others. You can compete or team up with a friend to make those goals happen. You can also share your goals on social media to motivate yourself to stay on task. Asking a friend or family member to check in with you at certain times can also be beneficial. This could be by call, text, email, whatever you feel is best. It can go a long way to hold you accountable and remain on track to hit your goals.

It’s easy to lose focus, especially without a plan of action to keep you accountable. Make sure to take the steps necessary to have a clearly defined plan and a accountability system in place, then start making those goals a reality!