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Save Even More Money with Your SelectHealth Plan

Did you know SelectHealth insurance plans offer their members discounts on health-related products and services? Most of our clients have a SelectHealth plan. It’s the most popular health insurance provider in Utah. So, if you’re already a member, check out and take advantage of these cost-saving benefits below.

Select Health Member Discounts

Member Discounts is a free, easy-to-use program that saves SelectHealth members money. The website lets you browse through a list of discounts for services such as eyewear, hearing aids, massage therapy, acupuncture, medical alarms, transportation services, and more. Simply find the deal you’re interested in, visit a listed provider or retailer, mention the discount program, show your SelectHealth ID card, and voila! Money saved.   

Wellness Rewards

SelectHealth offers a Wellness Rewards system of up to $240 per year for improving your health by staying active. Instructional videos are available to guide you step by step through the sign-up process, and the website also includes a frequently asked questions section. But whether you prefer a local gym or a local trail, get out there and take advantage of all the benefits of an active lifestyle, including these savings to your pocketbook.

Virtual Doctor Visits

Next time you’re sick with a non-emergency illness, stay in your pajamas and call a doctor using a smartphone or tablet. Talk to a medical professional from wherever you are – out of town, on the trail, in the rocking chair with a sick kid. Doctors can see the rash, hear the cough, offer advice, and even prescribe medicine without the hassle of the waiting room. No more expensive late-night visits to the emergency room for a sore throat. Stay in bed and use Connect Care.

Covered Drug Lists

Prescription drugs can get really pricey really fast. Before you pay the full-exorbitant price for name-brand prescriptions, use the Select Health pharmacy coverage lists to price out which of your medications are covered through your plan and how much they’ll cost. This way, you can ask your provider for generic or less-expensive drug alternatives if needed. 

Prescription Drug Home Delivery

Rid yourself of the hassle of running out of your prescription medications and those annoying last-minute runs to the pharmacy that cost extra gas and extra time (not to mention the cost of the ten other items that will accidentally find their way into your cart). Intermountain Home Delivery is a marvelous convenience that can also save you money by helping you set up 90-day refills of your medications. Refill by phone or online, pick up on your front porch or mailbox and never wait at the pharmacy again. 

Every dollar matters. And a health insurance plan through SelectHealth will help you make the most of your money, your time, and your good health.