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We are so pumped to be back with a new entry in the attractive, proactive lifestyle series—affordable health insurance with a twist. We’re super excited to introduce another way you can make your life more proactive and more proactive. Optimized Health Plans is dedicated to getting you healthy and giving you peace of mind—whether you’re looking for affordable health insurance, or whether you’re looking for health tips and ways to make your life just a little bit more attractive and proactive.

Mediterr…What Does This Have to Do With Affordable Health Insurance?

So to be honest with you, the first time I heard about the Mediterranean lifestyle and its supposed connection to a healthy way of living, I was fairly skeptical. What was different about our friends across the pond? I have since changed my mind, and am positive some of these changes are going to help you get more proactive and feel more attractive. What really is different about the Mediterranean lifestyle, though? Well first of all, people are much more active—the sedentary lifestyle is not as prevalent in the beautiful Mediterranean. Walking is normal and a way of life. Second, the diet is an incredible way to fill our bodies with good, clean, and whole foods. So yes, it’s not the pay your deductible kind of health insurance, but we can definitely feel that our bodies are being taken care of the right way as we stick to these Mediterranean basics.

Health Insurance, But In a Different Way

Obviously health insurance that’s affordable is necessary, but we want to talk about being ensured that your health is in good hands between your diet and your activities. We’re going to list changes you can make to make your diet more Mediterranean in this post and the next, and how these are going to help change your life! We’ve taken the items of this list from the non-profit,, which is dedicated to mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Protein does not mean beef, chicken, or pork. A lot of the protein that our Mediterranean friends get each day come from sources other than the typical things we eat. For example—beans, legumes, and seafood are huge sources of protein that help avoid the negative effects of red meat! HelpGuide suggests trying a vegetarian meal once or twice a week. It’s easy enough and you can blow up your Instagram account with #meatlessmondays!

We’re excited to focus on many more Mediterranean modifications to your life in the next post! Here’s to getting proactive and attractive through ensuring affordable health!