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We’re hoping you loved part 1 to this continuation of the attractive, proactive series—we talked about affordable and student health insurance through eating and living more Mediterranean! If you didn’t get a chance to look at it, here’s the post! We’re thrilled to bring a few more Mediterranean changes to your lifestyle, and we can vouch for the fact that they’re going to help you on your quest to developing an attractive, proactive lifestyle! We know all of you looking for lifestyle changes, healthy tips, or even student health insurance are going to love these next few tips!

Student Health Insurance through Mediterranean Meals

So taking a twist on what health insurance actually means, we want to talk about some ways we can ensure our health is at our best—even as students!

  1. Veggies galore! Vegetables are an important part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. While many of us think that pizza and huge bowls of incredibly tasty pasta are the Mediterranean way, our Mediterranean friends are enjoying plates full of salads and whole grains—possibly with a side scoop of pasta. Vegetables account for a large portion of their diet, and they should do the same in ours. Try eating more vegetables on your plate than meat or grains—it’s harder than you think!
  1. Breakfast actually may be the most important meal of the day! Mediterranean dwellers often fill their morning meal with fruits, whole grains, and fiber-rich foods. These foods keep people full longer, and provide the body with awesome energy to be able to get through those 11:00am moments at work when you’re wondering how quickly lunchtime will roll around. Make your life more Mediterranean by eating a good breakfast!
  1. Olive Oil—after all it’s from the Mediterranean. Our friends over there use this “good” fat to cook and enhance their diets. Olive oil has been linked to lower total cholesterol and may be linked to regulating insulin levels for those of you with type 2 diabetes. Try using olive oil instead of butter—use it to sauté vegetables or fish. Olive oil is a great part of the Mediterranean life!

We hope some of these changes may be the change you need to your proactive, attractive lifestyle. The lifestyle of the Mediterranean is high in healthy food and high in active habits—just what you students needing health insurance or healthy habits are looking for!