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As we age, it’s a good idea to update our homes in a way that’s both inviting and safe — and the two are not mutually exclusive. Here are some suggestions for making important spaces in your home a better fit as you age in place:

36454323 - new stylish modern home exterior at duskKitchen updates. Consider replacing your kitchen swing out cabinets and shelves with roll outs. This will save you time and stress on your body with easier access to kitchen accessories. Additionally, it is a good idea to invest in a cushioned mat for under your sink. This is the place you will be standing the longest, and getting a mat will help reduce fatigue.

Bathroom updates. The bathroom is the most important place to have additional space because that’s where there is the greatest chance for slips and falls. You’ll want to have a spacious bathroom that has room for walkers, wheelchairs or similar devices if you are ever injured and need to use such a device. Another good idea is to install bars in the bathtub and a bench in the shower to make bathing as smooth as possible. Once you exit the shower, towels should be close by and bath mats should be right outside the shower or bathtub to avoid an accident.

Bedroom updates. As you age, getting in and out of bed may become more difficult. You can install safety handles on the bed to avoid falls, and you can also buy a shorter box springs so that your bed is lower than before. It’s also a good idea to leave a phone on your bedside table in case of an emergency. If needed, install an extra charging outlet or phone jack. Additionally, be sure to make sure your floors and closet are clean and free of clutter. A cluttered house can increase anxiety and cause accidents.