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35562295_MMany Americans avoid going to the doctor’s office for a variety of reasons, but some people avoid it simply because they can’t afford it. This is true in cases of people who are uninsured and for those who are paying such high health insurance premiums that they can’t afford to actually seek medical treatment unless it’s practically a life-or-death situation.

Another related problem that many Americans deal with is pain. Whether that involves joint aches, migraines, muscle cramping, or any other type of pain, it’s an extremely common concern among adults of all ages. However, many people avoid seeking treatment for their pain for similar reasons they avoid going to the doctor for anything else: it’s simply too expensive.

If you’re suffering bouts of pain on a regular basis, then it’s time to stop avoiding the doctor and get the relief you need at prices you can afford. Our health insurance plans can save you as much as 30-60% on what you’re currently paying while increasing the medical coverage you receive. Just how much money can you save? Continue reading to find out!

Don’t mask pain with OTC meds

If you’ve mostly relied on over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications to manage your pain, then you could be at risk for developing more serious medical issues in the long-term because you’re not actually confronting the source of your pain; you’re temporarily masking it. OTC medicine may seem like a more affordable option, but you might be surprised by the more effective treatments that are available (and likely covered by your new insurance policy).

For long-term relief and savings on your medical bills, consider getting a better health plan that offers reasonable rates for doctor visits and lower copays on prescription medications you may need to manage the pain you’ve been experiencing.

Lower-cost X-rays

In addition to cheaper doctor visits and pharmaceutical coverage, a new health plan could give you access to more affordable X-rays. All too often, people go years without getting new X-rays, even in areas where they’re experiencing joint pain. That means you might be overlooking a key cause of your pain. Fortunately, our affordable health plans make it easier for you to pay for X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and other vital screenings to check for potential sources of pain that a doctor might not be able to pinpoint from a basic physical examination.

Don’t let a long-term health ailment worsen under the radar because you were forced to choose between a healthy body and stable finances. Our health plans make it easier for you to access the medical services you need, thanks to low co-pays and reasonable monthly premiums.

If you’re ready to get some relief from the pain and ailments you’ve been struggling with lately, then visit our website today to see how we can lower your health care costs so you can get the medical treatment you need and deserve.