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40322225 - silhouette of the two cyclist riding a road bike at sunsetExercise is clearly beneficial for physical well-being. It can help with reducing high blood pressure, lowering your risk of diabetes, and improving strength, among other things. But, what you might not know, is exercise is just as important for your mental well-being.

Regular exercise can help you feel better overall. The endorphins that are released can help you feel good and put your mind at ease. You can also feel accomplished from working towards a goal, and putting your best foot forward. This can help you gain confidence. Your confidence can continue to grow as you feel better about your appearance.

Your fitness routine can improve your social life. You may find yourself getting together with new friends at the gym, or waving hello to neighbors as you walk around the block. You can also use fitness as an excuse to get together regularly with your current friends (find a fitness partner/s and make a plan).

Exercise may increase your memory and thinking power. Not only can a walk outside give your mind time to brainstorm new ideas, but regular exercise can increase the number of cells and blood vessels in your brain! There are studies that actually show how people who exercise may have a better memory.

Overall, exercise can ease anxiety, depression, and restlessness. It can give you more peace of mind, and a better night’s sleep. You can also gain energy and confidence, helping you accomplish your personal and work goals.