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86361009_MOpen enrollment season is the best time to review your health insurance coverage and decide if it’s time to get a new health plan for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, many people assume they should just stick with their current health insurance provider because it’s convenient to continue coverage, even if it’s more costly and frustrating to do so.

Why skip out on the perfect opportunity to get better health insurance for next year? If you’re looking for better health insurance in Utah, here are some of the many benefits you’ll discover during open enrollment this year:

Increase Your Health Insurance Coverage

If you have a high deductible plan and don’t use your health insurance very often because of high upfront costs, then you deserve better! While there’s nothing wrong with having catastrophic coverage, high deductible health insurance plans are not very valuable to individuals and their families because relatively minor incidents – flu, sprained ankle, digestive issues, etc. – have to be treated at home to avoid the high costs of office visits. The problem here is that you never know when a seemingly “minor” health concern could actually be a big deal (or progress into a more serious problem).

Next year, you can stop avoiding the doctor because you can’t afford the copayments and annual deductibles. With a new health insurance plan, these fees will no longer be unaffordable (if you switch to a better plan, that is)! You shouldn’t have to stress yourself out while deciding whether or not to go to the ER or even urgent care.

Instead, take this year’s open enrollment period as an opportunity to gain the peace of mind you need in situations involving illness or injury by increasing your health insurance coverage without breaking the bank!

Lower Health Premiums

How much could you potentially save on health insurance? If you search for health plans on your own, then you might be able to save 10-20% on what you’re currently paying. But if you reach out to Optimized Health Plans, we could help you save as much as 30-60% on what you’re currently paying.

We’re able to negotiate lower health premiums for our clients, thanks to our team of dedicated health insurance experts and years of experience in the health insurance industry. We take a fully personalized approach to researching the best health plans for individuals and their families by assessing current and projected health care needs, determining how much you can afford to pay for health premiums each year, and comparing a variety of health plans that suit your unique situation.

Why do all the hard work of researching, reading the fine print, and comparing multiple plans on your own when we’re readily available to help you at every step of the process? Take advantage of our expertise to get the lowest health premiums possible next year.

Save Money on Health Care

A final reason to switch to a new health insurance plan next year: more affordable health care costs. If you currently have a plan that charges an arm and a leg just for an ordinary office visit (don’t even get us started on the costs of lab work, X-rays, specialty visits, and the ER!), then it’s important to realize that better, cheaper options exist out there.

Finances and personal health are already stressful topics to think about – why stress yourself out more by having to choose between saving money and getting the care your body and mind need? Instead, you should find a plan with office visits and other copayment costs that are acceptable for your budget. We can help you by finding the lowest health premiums in Utah and alerting you to new ways to save on healthcare once you’ve enrolled in your new health plan.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll stick with your current health insurance policy or switch to another plan next year. However, it’s crucial that you explore your options before finalizing this decision (you likely won’t be able to switch policies again until the next open enrollment period).

We’re here to help! When you’re fully aware of all your options and choose the health plan that works best for your family’s needs and financial situation, then you’ll know what it is to live worry-free where health insurance in Utah is concerned.