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36858563_MThe first day at a new job can be intimidating and is similar in a lot of ways to the first day of school. If you have recently switched jobs or completely redirected your career path by starting your own business, your stomach may be in knots while starting this new journey. We can help you prepare for this new life transition by offering our best guidance and giving you the opportunity to set up a health plan that fits your lifestyle and saves you money. Here at Optimized Health Plans, we pride ourselves in helping small-business owners receive health care that can save them between 30-60% of what a normal rate would cost. We have many success stories that involve happy customers and we can’t wait to help you attain the career and lifestyle you have always dreamed of living!

Find your niche

Whether you are planning to take a job at a large corporation or are deciding to leave your current position to start your own gig, the most important part of becoming comfortable with your decision is to find your niche. Utilize your resources to find the latest industry information about the types of services you are interested in. Although you may believe you have the perfect business idea at first, it is important to refine that information through constant education and market research. The best leaders are constantly thinking of new ways to be more marketable and improve current products and services in an area that interests them most.

Create a 100-day success plan

Many senior executives recommended creating a “100-day success plan” to help create measurable and attainable goals. Focusing on this plan early on can also help build your reputation. If a 100-day success plan isn’t for you, something as simple as writing your thoughts down in a daily journal or collecting personal reminders on sticky notes can help foster an environment for growth.

Build your market

Starting in a new market means making an effort to foster new relationships. You won’t be able to achieve your new goals if you are are doing everything all on your own. One piece of advice is to try to build a network through social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. This way, you can virtually connect with influencers in the industry and foster steady relationships that will continue to blossom in-person.

Another important aspect of relationship building is making an effort to attend networking events relevant to your industry. When attending these events, don’t be afraid to approach people. Bring a stack of business cards or your digital contact information and share it with executives and other professionals you meet. Creating business partnerships is a great way to achieve your goals and build upon your skill set.

Figure out market trends

Do you have a business idea or a new pitch that you predict to be groundbreaking? Before you pitch this idea, test it to make sure it is the right move. To do this, you could try testing out your idea on small groups through market research (ie: interviews, surveys, questionnaires). Through this process, you will be able to gain insight into what your potential customers are looking for and what competitors in the industry are bringing to the table.

When you are attending networking events, don’t be afraid to ask influencers about which current market trends are on the rise. Pay close attention to key factors that are shaping your industry and keep them in mind while crafting your new project.

Reflect on words of wisdom

While making a major life transition, any inspirational reading can make a difference in your day-to-day mindset. In order to stay positive, try reading your favorite inspirational books or setting aside time to relax and take a deep breath. Any time you have a bad day, you can also refer to these 10 wise sayings:

1. Try new things

2. Don’t be afraid to fail

3. Talk to strangers

4. Be willing to change

5. Write a personal mission statement

6. Stand out instead of fitting in

7. Don’t confuse having an opinion with having a thought

8. Don’t worry about being perfect

9. Be selfish

10. Celebrate every milestone

At Optimized Health Plans, we’re committed to your wellbeing and future. Although health insurance policies can be quite confusing, there is no need to get discouraged. The team here at Optimized Health Plans can help you understand and get the most out of your health insurance plan. We can’t wait to use our knowledge to tailor our health insurance plans to fit your exact needs. There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to health insurance plans. For more information about the health insurance coverage that we offer, please visit or call (844) 342-5647. Act now to receive a free consultation for the chance to save 30% to 60% on health insurance.