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Four Healthy Women in Line Showing Thumbs UpA workout buddy can enhance your workout and your life. When you have a partner in fitness, it will help you stick to your fitness goals. Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to develop a new habit when you’re going at it alone? If you have someone to exercise with, you’ll be more likely to stay committed.

Your fitness goals don’t have to go unfinished when you have a workout buddy. If you sign up for a class with a friend or just set a date for exercising, you’ll find you don’t want to let that person down. It is another motivator to help you get to the class or make the workout date. It won’t be so easy to say “eh, I don’t feel like it today.” Plus, working out with a friend can push you to keep challenging yourself, especially if you tend to be competitive. Your friend can help you strive higher in your fitness goals.

You’ll find working out with a friend is so much more fun too. You can be goofy and try out different fitness classes, various machines at the gym, or just have fun socializing while you speed walk around the block. This can also be therapeutic because you can get stuff off your chest; letting go of the stress that might be weighing you down. And, it can strengthen your friendship. You’re spending more time together, motivating each other, and sharing with one another. You’re bound to improve your bond.

If you’re not already working out with a friend, consider doing so. Think of someone who would make a great motivator for you, but would also be fun to hang out with, then make a workout date. Make this a routine. Choose certain days and times to book ongoing fitness dates and stick to your goals. You got this!