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35534675 - close up of young happy woman holding grapeStruggling with sugar cravings? If you are, you’re certainly not alone. The food culture in America is hugely defined by sugar — sodas, cakes, candies, and more. It’s everywhere. We love it so much that we’ve even gone so far as to create cotton candy grapes. You could say our culture is obsessed with this sugary goodness. And, it’s no wonder why: it’s sweet, delicious, and makes us feel good in that moment.

Unfortunately, sugar doesn’t always keep us feeling good. Sugar spikes can be bad for our health and sugar crashes can leave us feeling drained. And the added calories thicken our waists. So how do we take a step back from sugar? How do we cut back on the cravings?

It’s can be difficult thing to cut down on sugar, especially when you’re cravings come on strong. One of the things you can do is cut down on temptations. For example, don’t keep the treats that tempt you in the house. Of course, if you’re able to just take a nibble, that’s OK. But, when you can’t stop at one or two bites, you have to take more drastic measures, like cleaning out your house of these sweet treats.

If you think your sweet cravings are a result of feeling stressed or not getting enough sleep, do your best to resolve those issues. Get more sleep and take steps to unwind. Try a hot shower, an Epsom salt bath, writing down concerns, a walk, or listening to music. Deal with your stress so your brain doesn’t try to give itself a boost with chocolate instead.

If you do want chocolate, lean on dark chocolate instead of the other options. You can also treat your sweet tooth with fruits (although they have sugars, it’s a healthier form). Another option is eating a sweet potato with organic, unrefined coconut oil. Sprinkle with cinnamon for something a little extra. Hot teas can also be helpful. Add a little milk and a few drops of honey to give it a sweeter taste. Plus, if you choose relaxing teas, you can lower stress levels.

Instead of turning to sugar to sweeten your foods and beverages, consider other options. As mentioned above, honey is a more natural sweetener choice. Dates are also a great choice if you’re making baked goods. In addition, you can grow stevia to use in foods and beverages. It’s all natural, without the added ingredients like many of the store-bought brands. The leaves are sweet, in fact, you can just brew your tea with a few of the leaves.

Sugar cravings can come on strong and fast. Take better care of yourself, find ways to ease the cravings, and look for healthier options next time you want something sweet.