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The time has come for your child to leave the nest. Whether your child has decided to attend college, start a full-time job, or enroll in the military, this can be one of the more emotional transitions of life. You may feel lonely and crave a daily routine at first because you are not used to being alone in your home. However, with the right skills, we can help you navigate this transition with the following advice.

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Reinvent Yourself

Now that your child is leaving home, it’s a great time to set some new goals or start a new project. It may be helpful to find new roles, interests, and hobbies to explore that all create meaningful daily interaction. If you have ever wanted to go back to school or start a business, now is the time to do so. You will never have as many resources as you do in your current stage of life.

Don’t Shy Away from Advice

Don’t allow yourself to become withdrawn during the first few months of transition. Instead, get in touch with friends and family members who have been through a similar situation and ask for advice. You’ll be surprised how much knowledge you can gather from those who care most about your happiness and well-being.

One of the most important pieces of advice is to start prepping the transition early. Implementing visualization and relaxation techniques can help you better cope with upcoming situations. When it comes time to say goodbye you may find yourself feeling anxious about not seeing your child for weeks or even months at a time. This is perfectly normal, but there’s no need to stress. Instead, focus on the positivity of your child’s accomplishments and upcoming opportunities.

Lean on Your Partner

It’s crucial to lean on your partner during difficult life transitions. When you do, it allows your relationship to blossom even more. Take this time to reflect on your time together and think about the years before you had children and you could devote your time solely to being a couple. Try planning a date night to reconnect. You can attend a sporting event, go to a concern, plan a vacation, or go shopping for new furniture.

Another fun idea is to connect with other couples who also have children who have left the nest. You can utilize your time to create care packages, plan college visit trips, or start a book club! You will be surprised by how much fulfillment you will feel from the most simple acts of kindness.

Expand Your Outlook

If your kids are leaving for college, it isn’t the end of parenting, t’s just a shift. Instead of acting like a parent to help your child study, brush their teeth, and get to bed on time, you will act more as a mentor. When you can mentor your child successfully they will become a functional member of society pursuing a career in what they love.

If your child calls you to vent about difficult college experiences, be sure to actively listen. You will be surprised at how “adult” your child will seem if you give them an outlet to share their feelings without judgment. When your child calls or visits for the weekend, give them the right tools they need to succeed at a task. For example, if they need help preparing meals, provide them with a crockpot and cookbook. If they are struggling with time management skills, purchase them a daily planner that allows them to organize daily tasks. Keep in mind that you want to give your child the tools to succeed instead of completing tasks for them. We hope you find these tips helpful through this major life transition.

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